Move-In & Move Out Cleaning Services

When changing where you live, the cleaning process is a difficult task for anyone to deal with. There are so many things that must be accounted for to clean out a house before finally leaving it, ranging from large pieces of furniture to little things once thought lost, as well as the matter of ensuring that months or even years of being lived in has not rendered a house or apartment too dirty to sell or rent to a new tenant. Cleaning up on your way out is important as well, and a number of landlords demand that tenants leaving for other homes clean out their former domiciles before getting a damage deposit back.

We can handle all the tasks to make your space fresh again! Even cleaning the shower, even after years of near constant use, is a snap for our team of professional cleaners. Removing years worth of dust is also no problem at all, whether it’s behind furniture that comes with the home or from an empty space where once there was a major appliance. Our services can also remove stubborn stains and odors from left over mold to drink stains from months or years before the move. With all this in mind, it just makes sense to hire a professional to take care of move out cleaning services.

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We offer our move in or out cleaning services intended to make this task easier. Our services in this field are many and we offer them all at competitive rates. We can clean up a home that is being moved out of quickly and efficiently, with no damage that would risk the loss of your old damage deposit. Whether it’s removing odors, cleaning showers or any number of other tasks that can cause the loss of a damage deposit, we do it all. We are fully capable of doing a very thorough carpet and wall cleaning job, as well as removing stains from other types of flooring.

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How We Help Create a Deep House Cleaning Checklist For Your Home

Go Room by Room

Go into each room and look around. What needs to be cleaned? Make a note of each cleaning task you need to do, no matter how simple it is. If a cleaning task has multiple steps, then break it down and list all the steps you need to take. This is important to avoid missing a step when you’re busy and overwhelmed with your other cleaning tasks.

Decide Who is Doing What

After you have a list of all of the items that need to be cleaned, you can determine who is going to do what tasks. You can assign tasks to everyone living in your home. If you have children, you can give them quick simple tasks to accomplish. Even a young child can pick up items and put they away. By assigning tasks and listing the steps for each task, you can ensure each person knows exactly what they are supposed to do.

Decide if You’re Going to Hire Help

There are some tasks that are easier when performed by a professional. Carpeting cleaning is a good example. While you can vacuum and use a steam cleaner, you will never be able to get it as clean as a professional can. Professionals can also do the pressure washing of your house or certain landscaping tasks faster and easier than you can. Also, the cost of purchasing the supplies or equipment for some task is higher than the cost of hiring a professional.

Determine if You Need Help Organizing

During your deep cleaning, you may realize that your house is cluttered. If you find your cleaning mostly involves moving clutter from one space to another, you may need to get help from a professional organizer. With an organizer’s help, you can declutter your home which will make it easier to clean during the rest of the year and much easier to deep clean every season.

Give Yourself Time

Don’t try to do all your Deep cleaning in one day or over one weekend unless you live in a studio apartment. If you live in an apartment or house, spread the cleaning out over a few weeks. Tackle one or two rooms each weekend and make sure you do a thorough cleaning job. That way you don’t get overwhelmed and you have time to rest in between your cleaning tasks. This will make it easier to recruit your family’s help.